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I built my strategy from the SMS template. How can I convert it to a MMS?

When you are creating a new strategy, you select whether it should be of type Single Market Strategy (SMS) or Multi Market Strategy (MMS). The type of the strategy has an impact on many things, including simplification of the framework syntax for the SMS strategies, different settings for the strategy markets, etc. The best way to change the strategy type is to create a new strategy of the different type and copy paste the original strategy code in the editor. In the future we will allow for changing the type of strategy from the strategy editor.

What are the limitations on a number of backtests, deployments and followings?

In the basic plan, everyone is entitled to run 2 simultaneous backtests, have 2 simultaneous deployments, and simultaneously follow 2 different strategies.

If you run 2 backtests at the same time, you won't be allowed to run another one until one of the currently running backtests is finished.

Once you reach the limit of 2 simultaneously deployed strategies or the limit of 2 simultaneously followed strategies, in order to deploy or follow another strategy with the basic plan, first, you need undeploy or unfollow some.

If you want to run more simultaneous backtest or deployments, or you want to subscribe to more strategies, please contact our support to upgrade your plan.

I have reached the limits on number of strategy logs. What are the limitations and how can I lift them?

When developing a strategy, it is useful to use the logs to debug and analyze the behavior of your strategy. Every account has a daily limit of 5 MB storage space for generated logs. Once the daily limit is reached, you need to wait 24 hours to unlock another 5 MB storage space.

If the limit of 5 MB is too low for testing of your strategies, please contact our support to upgrade your plan.