(Un)Follow a Deployment

Follow a strategy to receive notifications, or unfollow it to stop them.

Following a deployment (also known as subscribing) will start executing the strategy in paper trade mode on the selected market, generating real-time signals which are pushed to your email inbox or mobile phone. The strategies you follow can be those you have created, or ones you find in the Strategies Marketplace, created by other users or the Signals team.

You can follow up to two strategies simultaneously under the Signals basic plan, with the option to upgrade to a premium plan subscription at any time. Should you wish to free up space for another strategy to follow without upgrading, you can also Unfollow a strategy.

With a Basic Plan, you can follow 2 strategies at a time. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Following a Deployment

To subscribe to notifications from a strategy, visit the Deployment Detail from your Strategies page.

Click on the Follow button in the top right-hand corner of the detail menu and you will see a prompt pop up. This asks you to select the market which the strategy will operate on, determining the data stream which your strategy processes to make trading decisions. The creator of the strategy has control over which markets they allow the strategy to work with.

In the below screenshot, the user can follow any of three pairings from Poloniex, and one pairing from HitBTC. Once you have selected the pairing (or pairings, in the case of a multi-market strategy), press continue.

This strategy can be run on real-time data from four different sources.

There is a second page to the prompt. Here, you define a figure which respresents the amount of capital you will be trading with. It is best to set this to mirror the amount of funds you are willing to trade with, for optimal accuracy of the results. You can, of course, set any figure you wish. Signals does not currently use your actual money to trade with, it operates on paper trading principles which simulate trades under real conditions.

Here, 100 USDT (Tether) has been allocated to the strategy to run its simulations.

Once you have set a sum you are happy with, hit the Follow button to begin the simulation and start receiving trading signals.

Unfollow a Deployment

To free up space for following another strategy, or simply to stop receiving notifications from a strategy, you can unfollow it in much the same way. Return to the Deployment Detail view for the strategy you wish to unfollow, and click on the Unfollow button in the top right-hand corner. The following pop-up will appear:

This one-step prompt allows you to quickly stop following a strategy.

Clicking on the Unfollow button will stop all notifications from being received. If you created the strategy and choose to unfollow it but it remains published on the Strategies Marketplace, other users will still be able to follow it and receive notifications. To stop other users from following a strategy you have created, visit our help page about unpublishing a deployment.