Delete Record of Following

Remove any records generated by a followed strategy, including signals it produced.

Records, including trading signals, are kept of any strategy you follow, even once you are no longer subscribed to notifications. To remove all the data that was generated while you were following the strategy, you can delete the record of the following. This will also remove the data from any calculations that included them, such as your performance chart on your dashboard. To delete the record of a following, right click on the record under the Followings tab in the strategy details view. You will receive the following prompt in a pop-up window:

Deleting a record of a following will be reflected in any calculations showing overall performance.

If you are certain you do not want to keep the record, press Delete to remove it permanently. This data will not be recoverable. If you do not want to lose all the data associated with the subscription, just click on the Cancel button to return to the previous view. You can follow a strategy again even if you have deleted the record but it will only generate data from the new following.