(Un)Publish a Deployment

Learn about publishing and unpublishing your strategies.

Once you are confident with how your strategy works, you can publish the strategy in the Strategy Marketplace for others to follow. This will make your signals and details of the strategy available to others but will not show your code.

While published, you can still run new backtests to appear in the published strategy, update the strategy description and rules, or edit the list of alternative markets on which users can follow the strategy.

You can revoke access at any time by unpublishing the strategy. An unpublished strategy can still be followed by you but will not be available for others in the marketplace.

Any published strategy will also grant you an additional, bonus slot to use for deploying strategies. On the Basic Plan, you have a base limit of 2 active deployed strategies, so publishing is a useful way to expand your options. If you publish one strategy, for example, you will receive 1 additional slot for active deployments, meaning you will be able to have up to 3 active paper trades deployed.

With a Basic Plan, you can publish 5 strategies at once. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Publish in Marketplace

Publishing a strategy will make it visible to others in the strategies marketplace. Your code will remain secret, or you can choose to share it during the last step of the publishing process.

You will be asked to confirm the strategy's 'about' section and the rules which you have applied in it. If you need to change anything, you can return to the deployment details and make edits there. Use this space to market your logic and encourage others to subscribe to your strategies.

If you are publishing a Single Market Strategy, you will be asked to confirm which alternative markets you would like it to work on. This is especially practical for publishing, as users who decide to follow it can choose which market to apply the strategy to. If you haven't set any alternative markets yet, you can return to the deployment detail and add them there.

You can choose to share the code behind your strategy to collaborate and educate one another. Your code is kept private by default, so you must agree to publish the code if you want to share it.

Unpublish from Marketplace

You can unpublish a strategy to remove it from the marketplace whenever you want. This does not delete the strategy but will make it unavailable for other users, stopping any further signals from being sent out.

As long as it is still deployed, a strategy can be republished again at any moment. It should be noted that any previous followers the strategy had will need to subscribe to it again to continue receiving signals.