About Signals

What is Signals? Signals is a collaborative development environment for traders, data scientists, and developers, where they can create and backtest their own automated trading strategies, use them for live trading or rent them to others for copy trading. Experienced traders are able to create trading algorithms, beginners can copy trade them in just one click. The development of trading robots from scratch is an extremely expensive and complex task, Signals platform is lowering the barrier to algorithmic trading by creating a collaborative environment with all the tools necessary for supporting development.

Where do I start? Signals platform is free to use for everyone. You can sign-up to public beta through this link and enter the world of algorithmic trading. In the first version you can create custom strategies upon our Framework with C Sharp, or simply follow strategies and start receiving trading signals through our own mobile app if you are not familiar with coding languages.

Mobile app for iOS and Android coming soon.

We are still developing new features and improving the platform on the go. In the future you can expect live trading strategies, ability to create and share own indicators, optimization tools and much more. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.