Unfollow a Deployment

Stop receiving notifications from strategies by unsubscribing from them.

Unfollowing a Deployment

You can cancel your subscription to a strategy's signals any moment through the following detail, the followings card on your dashboard or through the following tab on the strategy detail view. This will stop you from receiving real-time notifications from the strategy and free up a slot to follow a different strategy deployment, should you need or wish to.

On the card labelled following strategies on your dashboard, right-click the strategy you wish to unfollow and select unfollow from the drop-down menu. Or, from the strategy detail view, use the ellipsis menu at the top right-hand corner to access the same dropdown.

You will see the below pop-up appear. If you are sure you want to stop following the strategy, confirm by clicking the Unfollow button.

Confirm your choice by pressing the Unfollow button or hit Cancel to return to the previous view.

If the creator of a strategy you are following decides to unpublish it from the Marketplace, or undeploys it outright, you will automatically be unfollowed from the strategy.