Following Detail

This shows all data about any active or previous followings.

When following a strategy, data is captured which can be used to analyze its performance. The Following Detail view can be accessed by clicking on any strategy in the Followed Strategies card on your Dashboard, or from the Followed tab of the Strategy Detail view.

How to use it

The Following Detail is a record of the strategy simulate trading in real conditions.

Like the deployment details view, it is divided into panels. The leftmost panel displays information associated with that deployment and allows you to toggle notifications on or off, to control whether real-time trading signals are sent to you through the Signals app or by email.

The top-right panel charts data collected while following the strategy as both a line graph and a candlestick chart. The four tabs on the lower panel offer insight into the strategy settings, any signals it has produced, performance logs, and the code itself, if you are authorized to view it.

Email notifications are enabled, while app notifications are disabled.