Strategy Detail

This page describes how to access and interpret the strategy details overview.

The Strategy Details view provides information about individual strategies, such as any backtests, all deployment records, and records of each time it has been followed.

Strategy details can be accessed from your dashboard, simply click on a strategy under the My Strategies section. You will also be taken to this view whenever you exit the code editor or when finishing a backtest.

Backtest, Deployed, Followed Tabs

Each tab within the Strategy Detail view is focused on managing one aspect of the strategy's lifecycle. Any backtests which have been run or are in progress are shown on the first tab, along with status, timestamp and performance. Click on a backtest to visit the backtest detail view.

The second tab keeps records of every time the strategy is deployed. Click on a record to be taken to the deployment detail, where you will find information about the strategy's performance during the time it was deployed. You can also manage publications at this tab.

The third tab allows you to see all records of when and on what markets the strategy was followed. Again, you can click on the record to see details about followings.

From any tab within Strategy Details, you can also view the latest strategy code by clicking on the </> Code Editor button.

The menu on the top-right of the panel will allow you to delete the strategy. Bear in mind that the strategy cannot be recovered once deleted. To make room for more deployments or followings, use the undeploy or unfollow actions instead.