Backtest Detail

Test your strategies on historical data to see how well they operate.

This view gives you access to a comprehensive report about each backtest you run. Use this information to experiment with different parameters and optimize your strategy before you deploy it.

The Backtest Detail View

The leftmost panel in this view gives a quick overview of the backtest, providing information about the strategy name, the market it was tested on, which indicators were used, and how it performed.

The backtest detail view for a Bollinger Bands strategy tested on 3 months of data

The upper chart is divided into two views which you can switch between by clicking on the associated tab. The 'performance' tab will show a percentage gain or loss plotted over time, while the 'trade' tab will display a candlestick-style chart plotting all the positions which were closed in the backtest.

Metrics, Signals and Logs

The lower panel provides more detailed information about the various aspects of the test. The first tab shows the relevant metrics set or generated by the test. The second tab lists all signals which were emitted during the test, correlating with the closed positions shown on the Trade chart above.

To help you debug your strategy and improve results, you can review logs of each test under the third tab, while the last tab will show your strategy's code for easy reference.

A promising backtest can be deployed on real time data and start generating trading signals for paper trading. Visit the next article, deploying a backtest, to find out how.