The "Deployed" tab lists all strategies which are ready to use or currently running. You can deploy a strategy based on the results of a backtest. Each strategy can have only one active deployment.

Understanding the List

Each deployment is listed with information about when it was deployed on real-time data, or the date it may have been withdrawn from operation, or undeployed.

An active deployment can be published in the marketplace for other users to follow, or simply followed by its creator. Colored dots to the right of the market name indicate the deployment status: an orange dot means it is running on realtime data (the basic state of deployment).

A green dot will show if it has been published to the Strategies Marketplace.

A purple dot appears when you follow the strategy and start to receive signals from it.

Finally, a navy blue dot appears if other users follow your strategy. The number of currently active followers is shown in the fourth column.

Managing Deployments

A deployment can be Followed, Published in the Strategies marketplace, or Undeployed, which will stop it from operating on realtime data. Inactive deployments - those which have been undeployed or failed - are shown faded out. If you want to, you can also remove record of deployment.

An active deployment with 2 followers and an undeployed strategy which has been faded out.

Deployments can be private and only followed by you, or published to the marketplace for others to follow.

If you wish to undeploy or delete a deployment which has been published or followed, the strategy will first be unfollowed and unpublished. If it is published in the marketplace and a user is following it at the time of removal, they will automatically stop following it and receive an email notification explaining why.