Delete a Deployment

Remove all records of a particular deployment.

Deleting a deployment removes its records, including all statistics and other data associated with the particular configuration of the strategy. It does not remove the strategy code or the backtest from which it was deployed.

By removing a deployment, you may also affect publications and active followings. If a strategy backtest has been deployed and then published or followed by anyone, it will be automatically unpublished from the Strategies Marketplace and unfollowed by all users - including its creator - when it is removed. Any user following at the time of removal will be presented with a message informing them that it has been removed.

You can not recover a deployment record once it has been deleted.

To delete a deployment, visit the deployment tab in the Strategy Detail view, accessible through your Dashboard. Clicking on the ellipsis menu, you will be presented with some options to interact with the strategy. Select 'delete' and you will be presented with the following pop-up prompt. If you are certain you want to delete the record and all its associated data, confirm by clicking Delete.

If you are certain you wish to delete the deployment record, confirm by pressing the Delete button.