Integrated development environment (IDE) for strategy definition.

Signals comes with a fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) with markup highlighting and syntax checking. It provides access to a set of libraries of industry standard technical indicators for use in creating strategies.

Any change you make to the code, strategy settings or backtest settings will not affect any of your deployed or followed strategy versions. Any change you make will prompt a save dialog and, upon confirmation, a new strategy version is created. Each new version of a strategy can be backtested, deployed or followed separately.

Strategy & Backtest Settings

In the side panel, you can define parameters for the backtest, including a date range on which the backtest should be run, the initial capital with which the backtest metrics will be calculated, and maker and taker fees for simulating exchange transaction fees.

The second part of the side panel lets you specify which market (or multiple markets, in the case of MMS) the strategy should operate on and which indicators should be available in the code editor for you to use in your strategy logic.

Code Editor

The Code Editor itself uses C# markup highlighting, syntax checking, and intellisense for C# libraries and Signals Framework. It has been designed to be very easy to use: Signals Framework is designed in a simple, logical manner, and the intellisense will provide suggestions for the class or method you may be looking for.

Visit the Strategy guide to learn how to build a new strategy through the code editor.