Strategies Marketplace

Quickly get started with subscribing to strategies created by others.

Strategies Marketplace is a collection of strategies developed by Signals team, and soon, created and published any trader on the platform. You can browse the strategies, and navigate to strategy detail for more detailed information about the strategy and its performance. Once you find a strategy that fits your needs and subscribe to it and start receiving notifications about generated buy/sell signals.

Filtering & Sorting Strategies

The Strategies Marketplace hosts a variety of strategies that work in different market conditions, assets and time frame.

Search strategies

You can use the search input to filter strategies by name, author or market that at least partially match the entered keyword.

Search results for a keyword "macd".

Sort strategies

In addition to the filtering options, you can sort the list of the strategies by various properties: name of the strategy, author, time since the strategy was deployed, number of trades it made, total performance or community rating.

Strategies sorted by the number of trades made in the selected time period.

Furthermore, you can change the time period for the performance statistics with the Time dropdown select. By selecting different time periods, the performance statistics are updated to show you, how the strategies performed in the selected period.

Strategies performances for 6 months (6M) period.