Follow a Strategy

Follow a strategy (a.k.a. subcribe to a strategy) to receive notifications about generated signals.

The author of the strategy should describe it in detail and provide you with as much information as they can to help you choose wisely. Once you have found a strategy, you can easily follow it to subscribe to notifications.


You can subscribe to a strategy by clicking the Follow button on the strategy details page. A 2-step dialog will pop up and walk you through the subscription.

Select Market

The logic of some strategies allows them to be run on many different markets, so the first step asks you to select the market on which you'd like to run the strategy. If there are no alternative markets made available by the strategy creator, only one market will be displayed and preselected for you.

Set Initial Capital

In the second step, the dialog asks you for initial capital with which to run the strategy. This will be the capital that will be allocated to your instance of the strategy when run in paper-trading mode, simulating real trades.

Once you confirm the amount of initial capital by clicking on the Follow button, a new instance of the strategy is run for you in paper-trading mode. A record of the following will be created among your Following Strategies on your Dashboard and details about the new following will pop up.

Once the strategy triggers a new signal, you will receive a notification through your selected channels and both the strategy metrics and performance will update in the following detail.