How to manage strategies you have subscribed to.

Following a strategy means subscribing to the signals it produces. You can follow a strategy you've created or one which another user has published to the Strategies Marketplace.

You must be following at least one strategy to be able to paper trade on real-time data. This produces trading signals as notifications, which you can later review from the signals tab in your dashboard or in the deployment details of a particular strategy.

A strategy must be deployed before it can be followed. If a user wants to allow others to follow the strategy, they must publish it first. Each user has the ability to follow two strategies simultaneously through our basic plan. Learn how to upgrade your plan.

Interacting With Followed Strategies

Any strategy you are actively following executes paper trades on selected markets and grants the ability to receive real-time signals to your mailbox or mobile phone.

All strategies you are or have been subscribed to are listed on the Following Strategies card on your dashboard. These are grayed out if they are not currently active. To interact with a following, open the Following Detail view by clicking on the row containing the strategy in the Following Strategies card.

You can also see all records of strategies you have followed through the Followed tab of your Strategy Detail view.

The strategies you follow are shown under the followed tab. Unfollowed strategies are grayed out.