Edit About, Rules & Alternative Markets

How should I describe my strategy and why does it matter?

The Strategies Marketplace lets anyone publish their deployments, so it's important to stand out from the crowd. Giving a clear, detailed description of how your strategy works is an effective way to attract more followers.


Everyone benefits from a well-described strategy. To help improve discoverability, every strategy you deploy should give an overview of its operational mechanics through its About section.

This description can include the indicators you have used and how they work together, the type of data which is acted upon, and how to use the strategy effectively or what market conditions it is suited to.

To edit the about section, click the pencil icon to the right of the panel. Enter your description then save it by clicking on the floppy disc icon.

This About section gives details as to what each indicator does.

Strategies are also rated, so if you are transparent in your description, you are more likely to find users who will find your strategy useful.


The Rules section is edited in the same way. The content of the rules section should describe the strategy logic in a clear, concise manner. Use conditions such as IF, THEN, AND, OR, to tie together the various mechanics.

Alternative Markets Dialog

In Signal Market Strategies, alternative markets allow you to limit which markets (exchanges and asset pairings) strategies can be used on. Click on the pencil icon next to the Alternative Markets section to open the edit dialog. You will see a list of exchanges and the various asset pairings available on each of them. Choose any which you want followers (including yourself) to be able to receive signals from. Click Save once you are happy with your selection.