Your First Strategy

This first tutorial covers the basics of using Signals Framework, giving you a step-by-step walk-through, during which you will create, test and execute your first automated trading model.

In this tutorial, we’ll show the source code of an investment strategy based on technical analysis. This type of analysis focuses on historical prices and its calculation is based on the technical indicator called simple moving average (SMA). We’ll use two SMAs, each calculated over a different time period. The crossover point of these two moving averages will trigger a signal for our model to buy or sell the asset, which is why this strategy is known as a “Crossover strategy”.


Part 1: Create a new strategy Create a new strategy by selecting a strategy template.

Part 2: Define variables Define variables to be used in your strategy.

Part 3: Define setup method Initialize your data and indicators.

Part 4: Define register actions method Register actions which define your strategy logic.

Part 5: Backtest Your new trading model is ready, so let’s test it on historical data!

Part 6: Deploy strategy and start receiving signals Deploy for paper trading and start receiving trading signals.