Single Market Strategy

SMS is a strategy operating on a single cryptocurrency asset pair on a single crypto exchange.

What is Single Market Strategy?

Single Market Strategy (SMS) is a strategy, which allows you to follow and monitor movements of a single asset pairing, such as ETH/BTC. Using indicators, you can analyze market movements and process any kind of data stream to inform your trades of that pair. It is a very effective way of performing in-depth analysis on one pair.

You will recognize that your strategy is of a Single Market Strategy type by looking in the code and see what class your model inherits from:

public class MyStrategy : SingleMarketStrategy
// Your strategy definition.

Works on a single asset pairing

SMS strategies allows you to select only a single market (an asset pairing on selected exchange) which your strategy will be able to access through the DataMarketplace object.

Having selected the BTC/USDT asset pairing on Poloniex, a strategy with this code would every hour print to logs the closing time and value of the BTC/USDT pairing:

private Bars hourlyBars;
public override void Setup(DataMarketplace data, IndicatorsMarketplace indicators)
hourlyBars = data.Bars(BarPeriodType.Hour, 1).WithOffset(25);
public override void RegisterActions()
OnUpdateOf(hourlyBars).Do(() =>
Log(hourlyBars[0].CloseTime.ToString() + ": " + hourlyBars[0].Close.ToString());

How to create a SMS?

You can follow a tutorial Your First Strategy, which will step-by-step walk you through creation, testing and deployment of a simple SMS strategy.