Overview of all backtests performed in this strategy

Visit the backtests tab within the strategy detail for an overview of all the backtests you've run on a strategy.

Each time you run a backtest, a new version of the stategy is created. These are shown in rows, listing the day it was run and its current status: preparing, running, completed, canceled, or failed. If the test successfully completes, the resulting performance of that strategy version is shown as a percentage.

If you publish a deployment, all backtests will be visible in the strategy detail. Delete any backtests that you do not want to share publicly.

Click on any of the rows to open the backtest details view, giving more information about each particular backtest version.

The menu to the right of each backtest allows the user to either deploy the backtest or to delete it. When a backtest is deployed, it starts to run the version of the strategy which was used in the backtest on real-time data from exchanges.

If you publish the strategy, all of the backtests listed here will be visible in the strategy detail for anyone to review. It's good to keep these organized - you should to delete any backtests which you don't want published.